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Brigge for Meshes is the best way to import your 3D models from Blender into Unreal Engine in seconds. They’ll always look exactly the way you designed them without any extra work.

Product Benefits

Layout a scene in Blender, bring it into Unreal all at once

Each object can be edited independently and keeps its own origin (AKA "pivot point" in UE4) and parent-child relationships so you can easily rearrange props in your level.

Instancing & Reuse

Reuse mesh data in Blender (using "duplicate linked") and reuse StaticMeshes on the Unreal side. Multiple Actors can share each StaticMesh asset, while having their own position, rotation, and scale. Actors can even override their StaticMesh's materials to bring variety to your scenes!

Model however you want with triangles, quads & n-gons

Surfaces render in UE4 exactly the way you see them in Blender, so there are no surprises in shape, silhouette, deformation, or shading. All while retaining your original topology.

Work with rich mesh data

Go deeper than the geometry at the surface. Brigge carries material UVs, lightmap UVs, vertex colors, and edge sharpness.

Perfect your normals

Use flat shading, smooth shading, auto-smooth based on angle, sharp edges, and custom authored normals in Blender. When transferring your model to UE4, light still catches it exactly the way you intended.

Handles coordinate system & scale differences

When up is up, and front points forward, who cares which axis +Z is? Model in any real-world scale and let Brigge handle the differences between Blender and Unreal.

Designed to complement your material workflow

Brigge for Meshes tracks which materials are applied to each surface, and keeps material slots in sync. It supports overrides so each Actor can have distinct materials from its StaticMesh. Brigge stays out of your way and never makes you deal with materials when you're focused on shapes and forms.

Fix problems before they affect your project

Catch asset names that Unreal can't handle, and filenames that Windows doesn't support. Finding these problems early helps people collaborate on your project whether they use Mac, Linux, or Windows.

These are just the highlights, see our full release history for more info.


Unreal Engine 4.22 and later, on Windows or Mac.

Blender 2.80 and later, on any platform.

You will get two plugins: one for Blender and one for UE4. The plugins work in concert using a custom data format.

Read our getting started docs for setup instructions and to learn Brigge workflow basics.

Early Access

In addition to simplifying your current workflow, our early customers will receive an extension on future updates and be able to work 1:1 with us to help shape Brigge into the best possible product for your needs.

Terms of Sale

Pay once for a single person to use the software. The price includes one year of updates and support. As an Early Access customer you will receive all updates through version 1.0, plus the full year after 1.0.

We are constantly working to improve our products and adapt to be compatible with new Blender and UE4 releases. You (or your employer) can pay Brigge Maintenance for additional years of updates and support. If for whatever reason you choose to opt out, you can keep using the version you have with no limitations. Brigge for Meshes will never expire or stop working -- it's yours to keep!

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